Found you guys an amazing deal on the Boon Flair High Chair! Over on you can get the Boon Flair in white & green for just $156 (or the gray and green for just $190) if you stack the codes JANSTOCKUP15 and NEWGEAR at checkout (see full instructions below). The MSRP on this is $279.99 (although the white typically sells for less) making this a killer deal.

Boon Flair Highchair
The Boon Flair is one of my favorite modern highchairs. Since the seat is just one piece and there are no cracks or crevices, cleanup is easy peasy! Plus the tray is dishwasher safe. The Boon Flair also features pneumatic life, meaning you can make the highchair any height you’d like to perfectly fit your kitchen and table. 
So here’s how to get the deal. To utilize the code JANSTOCKUP15, you must buy 2 eligible items to save 15% or 3 eligible items to save 20%. But don’t you worry because this is super easy to do as there are lots of everyday products included — you can see them all here (when I was testing the code, I just added a few Happy Baby munchie snacks for just $3.99 a pop). After you add an additional two qualifying items, use code JANSTOCKUP15 to drop the price of the Boon Flair down to $183.99. Then add code NEWGEAR and the price will drop further to just $156.39 (the gray chair will end up being $190 with both codes).

If you’d prefer another seat pad color (orange, blue, or turquoise), you can add one to your purchase for just $25.50 with the NEWGEAR code (unfortunately the JANSTOCKUP15 code does not apply to the extra seat pads). Even with the cost of the additional seat pad cover, you’re still getting an awesome deal!

The code JANSTOCKUP15 expires 1/18. I’m still trying to find an expiration on the NEWGEAR code and will update the blog when I find one.

UPDATE: The gray and green high chair has been restocked (as of 1/15) and is now reduced in price bringing the total after codes just $160!