Wooden toys have always been a favorite in our house. Mae does have just a couple battery-powered toys, but the vast majority (and the most well-loved) are battery-free. I love them because they spark her imagination & creativity and she actually plays with them much longer. One of the best handmade wooden toy shops is Bannor Toys and I’m so happy to be featuring them today!

Bannor Toys Trucks

Bannor Toys is a family-run toy company that creates heirloom-quality wooden toys. They make a variety of toys from cars to teethers to matching games. All their toys are eco-friendly and manufactured in their Iowa workshop using locally sourced Maple, Cherry, and Walnut woods. They’re then finished with an organic beeswax and flaxseed oil mixture that is completely safe for babies & children.

Bannor Toys has a zero waste policy with their wood using every bit they can for toys and using whatever is left to heat the workshop in the winter. They even use the saw dust in their compost pile!

Bannor Toys Cell Phone
^^Mae taking care of some important toddler business on her new cell phone!^^

Bannor Toys are truly beautiful toys, ones that you don’t feel like you have to hide in a closet when they’re not being played with. They’re also perfect birthday and shower gifts. I rounded up a few of my favorites from their shop below.

Bannor Toys Roundup
When shopping at Bannor Toys, you know you’re getting the highest quality toy that will be enjoyed for years to come all while supporting a small business. Now through the end of August, they’re giving you 10% off your purchase of $20+ with code “THRIFTY20.” You’re sure to fall in love with their products just like we have!