You may know that I’m a huge fan of the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer and I just have to share whenever I find a deal on one. These bottle warmers retail for $69 (yes a little pricey) but right now they’re over on Zulily for $39.99 (over 40% off). These bottle warmers rarely drop in price on Amazon so the Zulily sales are worth it, even with shipping costs.

kozii kiinde bottle warmer 

I wrote all about why I love this bottle warmer here. It heats bottles, breast milk bags, and baby food

bottles safely in a low temperature bath eliminating the risk of hot spots, nutrient damage, and the release of chemicals that can occur if heating bottles at too high of temperatures. It has a long lasting reservoir so you don’t have to measure water each time you heat a bottle and it automatically shuts off when finished, never overheating your bottle.  It will be your best friend at 3am when you fall asleep on the counter waiting for your bottle to warm with no worry you let it go too long.

For mamas that are pumping, another product that I hear good things about is the Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit (sadly I didn’t learn about this product until I was done with my pumping days). This is a fantastic product because it allows your to pump, store, and warm milk using the same pouch. No need to transfer from bottle to bag to bottle again! It’s compatible with all major pump brands.
kozii kiinde breastfeeding starter kit 
If you’d like to purchase both the warmer and the starter kit, buy them together for a better price!