Hi there! I hope you had a fabulous weekend & kick-off to summer. We are finally back in Seattle after spending nearly three weeks in Utah. Our house is still a disaster but it feels real good to be home, even if I have 18 loads of laundry to get through. Ugh.

Today I’m starting a new “best of” series on the blog where I’ll feature my favorite products in a variety of categories, from baby products to toys to clothing. Since I’m always coming across many fabulous products, I thought this might be the best way to share them with you!  I’m kickin’ off the series with a roundup of my favorite wooden baby walkers. Mae was and is still obsessed with her baby walker (she has #7 below and we love it!) and now uses it to transport her favorite toys all over the house. Or she’ll just sit in it and not-so-patiently wait until someone comes to push her around. Her grandparents taught her that trick and I’m still trying to forgive them for it.

wood baby walkers

1. Radio Flyer Push Wagon: This one is a classic! It features removable slats, push-resistant wheels, & a furniture friendly front bumper. And really, who doesn’t love anything by Radio Flyer?

2. Plan Toys Van Walker: This is a new one by PlanToys and I think it’s just darling! It features a storage bin so your little can haul around their favorite goodies. Also available in yellow and pink.

3. Maxim EverEarth Activity Walker: This one is featured on the blog quite often because it occasionally gets super steep mark downs (like right now on Amazon it’s marked down 47%)! It features a netted storage area in the back and multiple activities for additional play.

4. PlanToys Bird Walker: This is another adorable new release by PlanToys. Comes with two birds and sixteen wooden blocks for play. It has an adjustable handle for multiple heights and it creates an encouraging sound when pushed.

5. IKEA Ekorre Push Wagon: This is the most inexpensive walker on the list at just $19.99 and I’ve heard parents are happy with it for the price. The casters on this walker can be set to roll stiffly or smoothly based on walking ability and I love the classic design.

6. Boikido Wooden Push and Play: This colorful walker features a large container for storage with a maze on both sides. Also available in blue.

7. Hape Wonder Walker: We have this one and it’s very high quality! It features a sturdy base for pulling up plus movable knobs and gears.

8. Wonderworld Giraffe Walker ‘n Shape Sorter: Isn’t this one the cutest? It features crinkly ears & a shape sorter, plus wheels have friction for added safety.

9. Janod Crazy Dog Babywalker: Another favorite of mine! The dog has felt ears and the colors are fantastic! Rubber wings on wheels keep marks off the floor.