Today I’m giving you a sneak peek into Mae’s room to show you a quick, affordable way to update your child’s bedroom or play space (or really any space in your home)! I’ve been working on making a few updates to Mae’s room over the past few weeks, partly to make it a bit more toddler-friendly and partly because I’m always changing things up around the house. 🙂 I’m planning a full nursery tour in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

 photo urbanwalls2_thriftylittles_zps766f3790.jpg
I was thrilled to receive these darling gold polka dot wall decals from Urban Walls because I knew they’d be the perfect way to spice up this wall! This wall used to be my least favorite in Mae’s nursery because it was a bit boring and now it’s my favorite.  These dots make the space so happy, don’t you think? 
 photo urbanwalls3_zps80866dc3.jpg
The decals by Urban Walls are not only adorable but they are super easy to install! The hardest part for me was deciding on a pattern and spacing. I actually cut circles out of paper, attached painters tape, and tested out a few arrangements before deciding on my favorite. Once I made the final decision it took less than an hour to put them all up! If you do mess up you can easily remove them, they just can’t be reused. 
 photo urbanwalls5_zps523f08f8.jpg
I was probably a little more OCD than necessary when placing them, but I found it easiest to use a level to measure between dots and make sure they were all the same distance apart and in a straight line. I just used a pencil to mark the spot and then applied the decal. For reference, I spaced mine all 15″ apart which I think turned out to be a good spacing for this wall.
 photo urbanwalls6_thriftylittles_zps12c29a13.jpg

After I finish updating Mae’s room I’m moving onto the office and I know I’ll be ordering something from Urban Walls to use in there too! How adorable would this heart be for above a desk? Love.

This set of small heart decals retails for just $25 and other designs are just as affordable! Urban Walls will give you a 10% discount if you follow their Instagram feed & Facebook page. Message them after you’ve followed them and they’ll provide you with a code.