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Miss Winnie James is six months old! I can hardly believe it! I know I know, that’s what everyone says. But for real, why do these babies have to change and grow so fast on us? I feel like Ryan is so good at embracing & enjoying each phase, while I’m over crying in the corner because I can’t believe I have a baby that rolls over! And sits on her own! And scoots around! It all seems to happen so fast.

We sure did hit the jackpot with this one. I feel so fortunate to have such an incredible baby girl as part of our family. She has the happiest disposition and just loves life. It’s hard to be grumpy around her, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the world!

We’ve been using milestone blocks from Bannor Toys to document some of Winnie’s milestones (emphasis on some milestone since even doing monthly pics seems to have been too lofty a goal for me this time around #secondchildproblems), and I thought it’d be fun to compile some of the other options that are out there for anyone needing ideas!

Ten Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year | Thrifty Littles Blog

1 |  Bump & Baby Milestone Wooden Blocks from Bannor Toys ($29.50)

These are a favorite because not only do they work for documenting your babe’s first year, but also to document your growing belly during pregnancy! One side of the blocks has “weeks” and the other has “months” as well as blocks to create any combination of numbers.

Baby Milestone Blocks | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

2 |  Baby Milestone Cards from Milestone Cards ($26)

This set comes with over 30 photo cards that you can use to document your baby’s first weeks, months, & memorable moments. Track when your baby sits up for the first time, smiles for the first time, or slept through the night for the first time (hooray!). (Toddler Milestone Cards available now too.)

Baby Milestone Cards | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

3 |  Monthly Milestone Blanket from BATZkids ($33)

Isn’t this the cutest idea? Use a frame, flowers, or banner to circle your baby’s current month on this swaddle blanket. (There’s also a My First Holidays version.) (Image via BATZkids website.)

Batz Monthly Milestone Blanket | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

4 |  Monthly Stickers from Lucy Darling ($15.99)

I love these monthly stickers because they’re so easy! Put them on whatever your child is wearing or a white onesie if you want to keep it simple. There are lots of themes to choose from – fruit, animals, robots, florals & more. (There’s also My First Holidays stickers too.)

Monthly Stickers | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

5 |  Month by Month Printed Onesies from Hen & Co ($85)

The Month by Month onesies from Hen & Co are available in a variety of adorable designs. And you can hold onto a couple of them as keepsakes too!

Month by Month Onesies | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

6 |  Milestone Message Board from Letterfolk ($50+)

These are great because you can also use these message boards for a variety of other purposes too – birth announcements, invitations, photo booths, child’s “firsts” or even just as home decor. (Image via Letterfolk website.)

Letterfolk Monthly Milestone Board | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

7 |  Photo Prop Age Blocks from Little Sapling Toys ($20)

This sweet & simple set includes 3 square number blocks and one long block that’s printed with Days, Weeks, Months, & Years. Can be used to document your pregnancy too.

Photo Prop Age Blocks | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

8 |  Weekly Milestone Banner from Hooray Everyday ($30)

This customizable banner from Hooray Everyday is such a fun way to document the weeks or months that go by as your baby grows. You can choose either gold or silver numbers and the colors of  your pom-poms too! Includes a muslin bag for storage.

Weekly Milestone Banner | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

9 |  Baby’s First Year from Caravan Shoppe ($12)

The Caravan Shoppe makes it possible for those of us who aren’t super artistic to be able to jump on the chalk board art trend! You’ll receive your graphics for documenting baby’s first year as a digital file that you can take to any local print shop to have printed for super cheap. Then place your baby in front of the print for pics and nobody will know you didn’t draw them by hand! 😉 (Image via Caravan Shoppe website.) 

Baby's First Year Posters | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

10 |  Metallic Mini Piñata Numbers from Katie Franklin ($27.50 each)

I love the creative way that blogger Oh Joy! documented her daughter’s first year using these festive Mini Piñata Numbers. Perfect since every month with babies feels like it deserves a little celebrations! (Image via Oh Joy! blog.)

Mini Piñata Numbers | 10 Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year

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Ten Ways to Document Baby's First Year | Thrifty Littles Blog