I’m so excited about my newest series here on the blog where I’ll be sharing my favorite handmade shops in a variety of categories! I’ve always loved featuring small shops on my social media feeds (and occasionally here on the blog), but have been wanting to do more of it here. I hope you guys will find it helpful!

I’ve been a bow fanatic since the day Mae was born. Truth be told they are one of my favorite things about baby girls. Well bows and bonnets! They really are so much fun. I love a whole variety of bow styles, but lately I keep finding myself going back to the sweet & simply variety. So that’s where I’ve decided to start today – my ten favorite sweet & simple bow shops.

And if you have any other bow shops you adore, please spread the love in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!

Ten Sweet & Simple Handmade Bow Shops

1 |  Happiness Lives Here: Love the shape of their felt bows (that come in so many colors) and their Signature Headband is absolutely perfect for newborn babes. Follow on Instagram.
Happiness Lives Here Handmade Bow Shop

2 |  Free Babes Handmade: Home of the Petite Schoolgirl bow that comes in a rainbow of color options and is adorable as both a headband or on pigtails. And of course the Sailor Bows (and mini bows) are total perfection. Follow on Instagram.

Free Babes Handmade Bow Shop

3 |  Little Crane Headbands: The shop that introduced me to the nylon headbands. They are most well-known for their grosgrain knot headbands and their tiny bows. Follow on Instagram.

Little Crane Headbands

4 |  Pitchoun Designs: Beautiful minimalist bows handmade made from leather. Multiple styles & sizes available. Follow on Instagram.
Pitchoun Designs Bow Shop

5 |  Hudson + Isla: Simple dainty suede bow headbands in lots of colors and mini bow headbands, many available in differing bow sizes and elastic options. Follow on Instagram.
Hudson + Isla Bow Shops

6 |  The Crafted Co: I love the unique style of their simple bows & retro bows too! (Pssst, this shop also carries adorable turbans and the sweetest apparel.) Follow on Instagram.
The Crafted Co Bow Shop

7 |  Zozu Baby: This shop carries a variety of styles including a mini felt that’s perfect for newborns. I also love their new felt skinny style and retro bows. Follow on Instagram.
Zozu Baby Bow Shop

8 |  Little Winter Shop: A go-to shop for beautiful, simple felt bows. I also adore their headwraps that comes in the sweetest prints. Follow on Instagram.
Little Winter Shop Bows

9 |  LuluLuvs: Classic fabric bows and Itty Bitty fabric bows in a variety of prints, including many Liberty of London prints (my favorite)! Follow on Instagram
LuluLoves Handmade Bow Shop

10 |  Kait and Kids: Simple, beautiful bows in neutral colors. Also, I can’t get over their ‘teddy’ hat for babies! Follow on Instagram
Kait and Kids Handmade Bows

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Feature image via Free Babes Handmade.